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The Modern Physical Exam at Your Doctor's Office

Hearts and stethoscope

The modern comprehensive physical Is more than you think. Many doctors offer physicals in which blood work and a physical exam is performed, however, at Clover Internal Medicine Associates, a physical will consist of more components. 

Expect to be in the office for 1-2 hours. 
How often can you have a physical?
Some insurance carriers allow a physical to be done once every 365 days and some allow a physical to be done anytime in the calendar year. Most insurances cover the physical at no copay to the patient. Just call your insurance company and find out. 
What is our Elite Physical at Clover Internal Medicine Associates?
One of our medical assistants will take your vital signs and prior to seeing the physician, you may receive an EKG, spirometer test, TM Flow, and ABI depending on your age and risk factors. You will be provided several questionnaires to look at your mental health, to see if you suffer from allergies, or chronic fatigue. These information will help the doctor look into your health deeper and with more detail. The physician will discuss important vaccinations you may need, age appropriate cancer screenings, and your advanced directive. Then, you will have your blood drawn. Based on your medical history and insurance, you may even qualify for genetic swab testing to test medicine pharmacokinetics or cardiomyopathy genetic markers. Our goals in providing these services is to provide our patients a comprehensive look into their health, treat illnesses we find early, and to prevent illnesses down the road. 
What is the cost of an Elite Physical?
We provide all these at no additional cost to you. We will bill your insurance for these tests, and if they do not fully cover them, then we will write off the difference. Take advantage of your health insurance today. We will also respect every individual’s decisions for those that request for a regular physical. 
How can patients prepare for their physical? 
If you have a high cholesterol or blood sugar problem, then we recommend that you have your physical scheduled in the morning when you can fast at least 8 hours in order to obtain an accurate lipid panel. Fasting means you may have water and medications only. Otherwise you may schedule your physical in the afternoons without fasting. Bring your medications list with you. Update our staff with your immunization record and cancer screening record ahead of time or bring those records in. 
Dr. Elaine Phuah Board-certified Internal Medicine physician.

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