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Advanced Wound Care Specialist

Clover Internal Medicine Associates

Board Certified Internal Medicine located in Fort Worth, TX

If left untreated wounds can become locally infected or, progress more severely, to a systemic infection. Wounds give bacteria an entrance to your body allowing the infection to spread into your blood stream causing sepsis. According to the Joint Commission Center for Transforming HealthCare every year there are 750,000 Americans diagnosed with sepsis with 220,000 of those end in mortality. Our goal is to treat early and prevent those devastating outcomes.

Advanced Wound Care

What is considered a wound?

Wounds can come in various shapes and sizes. Some diseases can progress to wounds like abscesses, acne, cysts, cuts, or pressure injuries. Wounds can be red, have pus like fluid, swelling, yellow crust, blistering, pain, systemic signs like fever, or a lack of healing. An unhealing wound should be evaluated as soon as possible by a physician.

What are some advanced wounds?

Stage 1 is a nonblanchable redness where the skin is still intact

Stage 2 is when the skin is broken, a superficial lesion, and partial thickness is lost

Stage 3 is when the skin has broken down through the second layer of skin, the dermis, leading to visual subcutaneous tissue

Stage 4 is a full thickness wound that extends into the supporting structures like muscle, tendon, or bone

What is the treatment?

At Clover internal Medicine you and your provider work together to establish individualized care. The treatment can range from:

  • Incision and drainage of an abscess
  • Removal of dead tissue
  • advanced wound dressing
  • prescription antibiotics and other medications