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Obesity/Weight Management Specialist

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Obesity/Weight Management

Body mass index (BMI) is a universal way to measure body fat based on weight and height. In 2016 the World Health Organization calculated 1.9 billion people as overweight with BMI 25+ and 650 million people as obese with BMI 30+. Obesity is a modifiable risk factor that can increase your chances of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease, stroke, hypertension, and hormonal imbalances.

Why do I need a physical for obesity?

Patients can have obesity along with other vague symptoms like fatigue. Completing a routine physical can help us specialize your treatment plan by identifying underlying causes like hypothyroidism, diabetes, or Cushing syndrome. After ruling out secondary causes a weight loss treatment can then be recommended safely.

What causes increase in adipose tissue?

Adipose tissue is connective tissue composed of adipocytes or fat cells. Genetics, environmental influences, stress, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, and highly processed foods can contribute to obesity.

What are treatments that can help me reach my goal?

Your specialist at Clover Internal Medicine along with the patient creates and personalized treatment plan. Some examples are:

• Routine physical to rule out secondary causes like hypothyroidism
• Diet changes
• Regular exercise
• IV infusion therapy
• Insulin resistant therapy
• Prescription medications

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