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Obesity/Weight Management Specialist

Clover Internal Medicine Associates

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Obesity/Weight Management

As we know, obesity is a main contributor to many diseases. The reduction in as little as 10% of body weight has been known to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality risk such as endocrine disease, chronic fatigue, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, obstructive sleep apnea, high cholesterol, systemic inflammation, and more. In 2016 the World Health Organization calculated 1.9 billion people as overweight with BMI 25+ and 650 million people as obese with BMI 30+. The good news is obesity is a modifiable risk factor.

Why do I need a consult?

Patients can have obesity along with other vague symptoms like fatigue. Completing a consult can help us specialize your treatment plan by identifying underlying causes like hypothyroidism, diabetes, or Cushing syndrome. After ruling out secondary causes a weight loss treatment can then be recommended safely.

We are preventing the onset of diseases by tackling one of the main causes, Obesity! It gives our patients the feeling of empowerment and increases their self-esteem when successfully reaching their weight loss goals. During the consult we will discuss the variety of options that can go in combination with our weight loss program, including semaglutide weekly injections, IV hydration therapy of vital vitamins most patients are deficient in, vitamin b12 injections, body composition assessments, and a Prolon cellular regeneration kit.

What are specific or popular treatment options?

The popularization of semaglutide for weight loss has increased recently in 2022 and 2023. Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist and is the scientific active compound name for Ozempic and Wegovy. This medication was originally made for diabetic type 2 patients as it stimulates insulin production, lowers glucagon secretion, and causes gastric emptying delay, which reduces high after-meals spikes in glucose. The weight loss benefits are primarily seen by the gastric emptying delay and changes to food intake behavior, which offers both increasing the sensation of feeling fuller and cuts down on cravings.

We would like to also introduce Prolon, Fasting Mimicking Diet program created by Dr. Valter Longo directed for cellular regeneration and rejuvenation through autophagy. Prolon cellular regeneration kit is recommended based on an individual patient basis. It is a 5-day, plant-based cleanse that aids in fat reduction for a trimmer waist, aids metabolism, and cellular rejuvenation. It provides the fasting benefits but avoids the negative effects of cellular starvation that is caused when completely fasting. From day 1 the fat burning starts and then through day 5 a state of cellular rejuvenation and sustained ketosis is reached.

What are treatments that can help me reach my goal?

Your specialist at Clover Internal Medicine along with the patient creates and personalized treatment plan. Some examples are:

  • Routine consults
  • Diet changes
  • Regular exercise
  • Collagen
  • IV infusion therapy
  • Insulin resistant therapy
  • Prescription medications


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