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Tips on a Better Visit with your Doctor

1. Always keep an updated list of medications, dose, and frequency with you. 

2. Bring your logs: blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, etc. 

3. Bring a notepad to write down notes discussed with your doctors and specialists.

4. All insurances provide a drug formulary which can help the doctor find medications that will be covered. Bring your drug formulary. 

5. Be prepared to discuss your concerns and limit them to 3. Over 3 concerns may overwhelm and confuse your doctor, and therefore, increase the risk of medical errors.

6. Get an insurance broker. A broker will help navigate the confusing terms such as copay, deductible, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket. Understand your insurance plan better and pick the right plan for you.

7. Write down your follow up appointments and keep it where you will remember.

Dr. Elaine Phuah Board-certified Internal Medicine physician.

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