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Dry Eye Management

Clover Internal Medicine Associates

Board Certified Internal Medicine located in Fort Worth, TX

What is OptiLight?

OptiLight is a treatment that uses special light to help with dry eye disease caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). MGD is a major cause (60%) of dry eye disease, and OptiLight targets inflammation, which is one of the main reasons for MGD. The treatment is safe, gentle, and uses advanced OPT technology to reach the treated area effectively. It safely and effectively stops the ongoing inflammation that causes dry eye disease. This helps to break the cycle and provide relief from discomfort.

How does it work? 

OptiLight is a comprehensive treatment that targets the various factors that contribute to dry eye disease. By reducing inflammation caused by abnormal blood vessels, Demodex mites, and pro-inflammatory agents, OptiLight helps restore the function of meibomian glands and slows the evaporation of the tear film.

What is the treatment protocol for OptiLight, and what can patients expect during the treatment sessions? 

The typical OptiLight treatment plan involves 4 sessions, spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart. During each session, shields will be placed over your eyes and a thin layer of gel is applied on the treatment area. Intense light is then applied to the skin beneath your eyes, and most patients report feeling only minimal discomfort. After OptiLight, meibomian gland expression is performed. Each session lasts for only 10-15 minutes, and there is no downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities immediately.

When can I expect to see the results of the treatment?

Most patients see improvement after 2 to 3 sessions. We recommend a total of 4 sessions for the best results. To maintain the results, we suggest scheduling a maintenance session every 6-12 months.

What should I expect after treatment?

After treatment, you may notice some redness which typically resolves within a few hours. In most cases, you can resume your daily activities and apply makeup right away. However, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight for a few days and to apply sunscreen to protect your skin.

What is the cost of treatment?

Typical expenses for using daily lubricating eye drops daily are around $500 a year. By treating the underlying cause of dry eyes, your use of eye drops will decline, therefore, saving money in the long run. The cost of a full series of treatments will be $1000 with insurance and $1800 without insurance.